Overview of cryptocurrency QuarkChain

The QuarkChain project is designed to improve three main components of digital money: scaling, decentralization and functional reliability.
To solve these issues, advanced technologies are used and integrated that can create a full infrastructure not only for the crypto currency, but also for the smart contracts platform.
Based on the vectors of development analysts identify the following benefits QuarkChain:

root blockchain eliminates the possibility of double-spending attacks;
the lower layer has no limits in the extension, which allows the participation of any users;
for the account of sharding and cluster formation the increase in the number of nodes increases the throughput QuarkChain;
users can mine cryptocurrency using video cards.

All this, according to the developers, will increase the network bandwidth up to 100 thousand operations per second without compromising decentralization and reliability.
In the future, it is planned to integrate the platform with the Ethereum virtual machine, which will allow creating smart contracts in the QuarkChain network.

Special attention is paid to the functioning of the internal cryptocurrency.
Taking into account the high level of scaling, its use is designed for both user operations and transactions, and for working with DApps tools when creating smart contracts and decentralized ones.

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