Welcome to BitcoinSwift
Thank you for participating in the BitcoinSwift fork.
Thank you for taking the time to register with our Bitcoin fork, we are currently in the last stage of our fork sale, we completed our early stages with over 3,000,000 BTCSWT sold.. There is currently just under 1,500,000 available to purchase during our main fork sale when they have sold the fork sale will end and users will be able to withdraw and exchange from 11th June 2019 when we go from our testnet environment to our mainnet servers.
This fork has been designed and developed to give all previous forks a run for their money, our aim for BitcoinSwift is to launch a reliable coin which is faster than the top 5 current currencies we have also added extra security to our blockchain allowing retailers to accept BTCSWT with ease and peace of mind,
The average transaction time for a BTCSWT to BTCSWT payment is 27.63 seconds which is super fast compared to Bitcoin which takes on average 9 minutes for confirmation.

Fork Process Line.
1st March - Early Members Benefits Program Goes Live. (Expired)

1st March - 8th April - Stage 1 Fork Presale (Expired).

8th April - 11th June - Stage 2 General Fork Sale (Currently Live).

11th June - Fork Goes Onto Mainnet! (Withdrawals Will Be Live From 0:00AM)

How to purchase BTCSWT Tokens.
To claim your "0.001 general fork sale BTCSWT" please follow the steps below:
1. Visit the BTCSWT Purchase page

2. Enter the quantity of BTCSWT you would like to purchase.

3. Hit the "Generate Payment Address" when you are ready to pay.

4. You will now see your order page which includes your amount due and your payment address & payment QR code, please send the amount due to your payment address. *Please note coins will be added to your BTCSWT dashboard after 1 confirmation*

Login To Your Dashboard.
invite friends & family for extra coins.
Earn 10 coins per referral & 50% on their purchased fork coins.
Earn 5 coins per 2nd level referral & 25% on their purchased coins